Thursday, September 23, 2010

Games on Demand: NeonCon 2010

Games on Demand is coming back to NeonCon 2010. If you saw it last year, you know the deal. If you didn't, it was glorious!

What is it?

I originally saw Games on Demand at GenCon and it struck me as a great way to facilitate rpgs at cons. A table is set up with a host of games spread out. Attendees walk up and say "I love me some [preferred genre]!" The volunteers at the booth say "Of course you do, fine sir. Have your heard of [recommended game]?" After an excited elevator pitch about the awesome that is [recommended game], the booth volunteers find a way to get the excited attendee into a game right then and there. If that's not possible, the volunteers arrange a future time when that game can happen.

Who Runs?

The volunteers are absolutely everyone and anyone that wants to pitch in to run (or sometimes just play!) an impromptu game session with whomever shows up asking for one.

Who Plays?

The players will be people with a few hours to kill before their next event, people that have heard good things about [the new hotness] and want a chance to try it out, and passersby that look bored or curious until we use all of our mad carnie tricks to get them seated, playing, and having an awesome time.

What Games?

Last year, GoD was the main way to bring a little small press (or Indie or Story Gamey or whatever) love to NeonCon. This year, many indie/story games are being added to the schedule, so I'm not too worried about championing the indie cause this time around. Let's play whatever we want!

GoD can handle anything from the hippie stuff like Dogs in the Vineyard and Primetime Adventures to older or more nichey games that don't see enough convention love like Mechwarrior or 1st Edition D&D. The only requirements are that the games must come from our own collections, they should be games we can run well, and they should be games we're excited about. Hell, bring D&D4E if that's what you love! I would've been all over a chance to check out a 4E session that didn't involve registering with organized play craziness.

The 4 Goals for Games on Demand 2010:
  1. Offer games that can be played immediately via low prep-time, pregens, easy to learn rules, etc.
  2. Offer a sign-up board where future games can be arranged when immediate play is not possible.
  3. Showcase little known or under appreciated rpgs via GMs that are knowledgeable and excited to run them.
  4. Offer 'popular' games that gamers have already heard about, educating and hopefully exciting them about a new game. Apocalypse World, Dresden Files, etc.
When Can I Play?

Games on Demand will run each day of NeonCon 2010.

Thursday, November 4th: 7p - 11p
Friday & Saturday, November 5th & 6th: 11a - 11p
Sunday, November 7th: 11a - 6p

How Can I Help?

Contact me if you want to run some games with GoD. Let me know when you want to help, what games you want to run, and any other questions or suggestions you may have. You can help out all day or only 4 hours. We can even put you 'on call' should we find any interest for that one game you really want to run!


  1. I'll check volunteering specifics a bit later, but last I heard...

    16hrs of running games qualifies you for full badge reimbursement.

    Time spent 'on the clock' at the GoD booth should absolutely count as well! Just like scheduling a game that no one shows up for, if you're at the booth and ready to run, you'll get the credit.

  2. Jarvis,

    This would be a great blog post on Send me the HTML and will post it.



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