Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Playtest in the West - Skipped a Week

We had a player out so we decided to skip game on Sunday. I always hate that, but sometimes it's better than finagling the story to account for absences.

This week I'm preparing another playtest adventure for the local Game Day. It will be a bunch of pre-generated Dragon-Blooded forming a Wyld Hunt to hunt down an Anathema. I'll use the dark fates from Mountain Witch and play the story out like a Mountain Witch game using Qwixalted characters and mechanics. It should be a total blast!

On the Qwixalted Development Front, the week has had a few news worthy moments.
  • Aprogressivist, a very helpful RPGnetter, has taken the initiative to start up a PbP game over the RPGnet wiki. As far as I know, he's still taking new players and you can find all the details here.
  • A little Googling turned up a Portuguese forum discussing what games should be taken to a local con, Qwixalted came up!
  • Chronicler, another awesome RPGnetter, not only donated to the effort by actually sending me a gift, but he also swiped qwixalted.blogspot.com for himself! The blog's brand new, but may be worth watching if you're a fan of the project.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Playtest in the West - Intro

Yesterdays playtest was short (late players) but sweet.

I got our zany group of unlikely Celestial buddies together using the old standby of The Common Enemy. The PCs were taking in a play when some Dragon-Bloods showed up and a crafty Air-aspected investigator spotted some Anathema. Here's hoping I can turn their partnership of convenience into a serious (or at least semi-believable) team up.

We ran into a couple minor mechanical questions regarding the Multiple charm and Countermagic, but they've since been resolved. That's exactly what playtests are for, right?!


Supernatural+Paced+Craft allowed our unarmed Sidereal to instantly fashion a giant maul made of the audience's laughter. Perfect for his signature Fighting Style!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Playtest in the West

With Neoncon done and a little more tweaking out of the way, my regular Sunday group finally got back together for some regular playtesting of the Qwixalted rules.

To give this game a proper run, we decided on a mini-campaign in the West. I mentioned how cool it would be to playtest several character types and somehow got a Sidereal, a Lunar and an Abyssal! We've got a tenuous connection for them, but I'm hoping it doesn't all come crashing down once the plot takes off.

Speaking of plot, I should probably go find one of those. :-P

Character Creation Session Highlights

Badass names for badass Fighting Styles!
  • The Agile Fist of Damnation (Abyssal's Fighting Style)
  • One Thousand Chimes of the Waking Dawn (Sidereal's Fighting Style)
Best Motivation Ever!
  • Construct the bell who's perfect chime will cause mass exaltation throughout all of Creation.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


For those of you cool enough to be reading this blog and have a copy of the new Hellas book...

You may notice some mass combat rules that seem familiar...

That's right kids, I'm in print!

Apparently, Jerry has no idea what my actual last name is. But small things like that can't stop me from being ridiculously excited about the whole thing!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Playtests are Going Well!

With the successful RPGnet post (150 posts & 6500 views!) and two great playtests at NeonCon, I'd say the Qwixalted conversion is humming along nicely.

I've put a bunch more docs in the Qwixalted Folder and I'm beginning work on the final pdf.

The majority consensus seems to be "You should file the serial numbers off and publish this shit man!" To them I simply smile and say, "It's all part of the plan..."

Speaking of Qwixalted, here's a good con story for you. Jerry Grayson and friends had just dragged their way through a clunky Eclipse Phase game. All were growning about the system's repetitive rolls and Trentin (a good friend and Qwixalted playtester) mentioned that the game could use a qwixing. Jerry loved the idea of 'eQwix Phase' and said that should be my thing. "Your game should just be called Qwix. You could take all the bad systems with good settings and Qwix 'em up!"

Not a bad idea Jerry, not bad at all. :-P