Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Playtest in the West - Intro

Yesterdays playtest was short (late players) but sweet.

I got our zany group of unlikely Celestial buddies together using the old standby of The Common Enemy. The PCs were taking in a play when some Dragon-Bloods showed up and a crafty Air-aspected investigator spotted some Anathema. Here's hoping I can turn their partnership of convenience into a serious (or at least semi-believable) team up.

We ran into a couple minor mechanical questions regarding the Multiple charm and Countermagic, but they've since been resolved. That's exactly what playtests are for, right?!


Supernatural+Paced+Craft allowed our unarmed Sidereal to instantly fashion a giant maul made of the audience's laughter. Perfect for his signature Fighting Style!

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