Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Playtests are Going Well!

With the successful RPGnet post (150 posts & 6500 views!) and two great playtests at NeonCon, I'd say the Qwixalted conversion is humming along nicely.

I've put a bunch more docs in the Qwixalted Folder and I'm beginning work on the final pdf.

The majority consensus seems to be "You should file the serial numbers off and publish this shit man!" To them I simply smile and say, "It's all part of the plan..."

Speaking of Qwixalted, here's a good con story for you. Jerry Grayson and friends had just dragged their way through a clunky Eclipse Phase game. All were growning about the system's repetitive rolls and Trentin (a good friend and Qwixalted playtester) mentioned that the game could use a qwixing. Jerry loved the idea of 'eQwix Phase' and said that should be my thing. "Your game should just be called Qwix. You could take all the bad systems with good settings and Qwix 'em up!"

Not a bad idea Jerry, not bad at all. :-P

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