Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Qwixalted is Finished!

At long last, the BEAST is free.

For all of you that contributed, advised, and inspired... THANK YOU!

For all of you that will play, read, or otherwise enjoy... You're Welcome.

And especially for Matt... Thanks buddy.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Qwixalted - Official Wiki Launched!

My playtests continue to go famously and the RPGnet discussion has developed some very different design goals and desires for the project. Therefore... the Qwixalted Wiki was born!

My own rules are, naturally, still in the works, but Matt (Daiklave on RPGnet) has already posted his own, completely playable and very awesome, rule set. Several tweaks, add-ons and hacks will probably find there way to the wiki in the near future as well!

Come by for a visit!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Playtest in the West - Mass Combat

Last week, we actually got to use the Qwixalted mass combat rules a bit. Unfortunately, the unit stats were a little too much Exalted 2E and not enough Quickstart.

Rethinking a bit, I'll try something more like this next time...

Unit Stats

Leaders fight normally, with additional bonuses granted by their units.

Drill: The unit's combat effectiveness, adds Damage successes.
Drill = 1 for poor troops, 2/average, 3/good, 4/great
+1 for Essence Wielders (Ghosts, God-Blooded, etc)
+1 for Artifact Weapons

Morale: The unit's fighting spirit, adds to PDV.
Morale = Half the Leader's Presence

Armor: The unit's Armor rating, adds to Soak.

Size: The unit's size, adds to Health, and Size difference grants bonuses. Solo units are Size 0.
  1. 5 / Fang
  2. 25+ / Scale
  3. 125+ / Talon,
  4. 250+ / Wing
  5. 500+ / Dragon
  6. 2500+ / Legion
Each point of Size adds +6 bonus Health to the Leader. Larger units add (Size Difference) as Damage successes. Smaller units add (Size Difference) as Initiative and Move successes.

Example: A compliment of Skullstone's Zombie Marines
  • Drill: 3 (+3 Damage successes)
  • Morale: 3 (morale for undead should probably be maxed at 3, +3 PDV)
  • Armor: 1 (+1 Soak)
  • Size: 2 (80 zombies can pack into a ship's hull)
Mass Combat will play out almost exactly like regular combat, but the leader uses War to attack and adds bonuses from the Unit.