Friday, January 7, 2011

Playtest in the West - Mass Combat

Last week, we actually got to use the Qwixalted mass combat rules a bit. Unfortunately, the unit stats were a little too much Exalted 2E and not enough Quickstart.

Rethinking a bit, I'll try something more like this next time...

Unit Stats

Leaders fight normally, with additional bonuses granted by their units.

Drill: The unit's combat effectiveness, adds Damage successes.
Drill = 1 for poor troops, 2/average, 3/good, 4/great
+1 for Essence Wielders (Ghosts, God-Blooded, etc)
+1 for Artifact Weapons

Morale: The unit's fighting spirit, adds to PDV.
Morale = Half the Leader's Presence

Armor: The unit's Armor rating, adds to Soak.

Size: The unit's size, adds to Health, and Size difference grants bonuses. Solo units are Size 0.
  1. 5 / Fang
  2. 25+ / Scale
  3. 125+ / Talon,
  4. 250+ / Wing
  5. 500+ / Dragon
  6. 2500+ / Legion
Each point of Size adds +6 bonus Health to the Leader. Larger units add (Size Difference) as Damage successes. Smaller units add (Size Difference) as Initiative and Move successes.

Example: A compliment of Skullstone's Zombie Marines
  • Drill: 3 (+3 Damage successes)
  • Morale: 3 (morale for undead should probably be maxed at 3, +3 PDV)
  • Armor: 1 (+1 Soak)
  • Size: 2 (80 zombies can pack into a ship's hull)
Mass Combat will play out almost exactly like regular combat, but the leader uses War to attack and adds bonuses from the Unit.

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