Monday, November 15, 2010

Playtest in the West

With Neoncon done and a little more tweaking out of the way, my regular Sunday group finally got back together for some regular playtesting of the Qwixalted rules.

To give this game a proper run, we decided on a mini-campaign in the West. I mentioned how cool it would be to playtest several character types and somehow got a Sidereal, a Lunar and an Abyssal! We've got a tenuous connection for them, but I'm hoping it doesn't all come crashing down once the plot takes off.

Speaking of plot, I should probably go find one of those. :-P

Character Creation Session Highlights

Badass names for badass Fighting Styles!
  • The Agile Fist of Damnation (Abyssal's Fighting Style)
  • One Thousand Chimes of the Waking Dawn (Sidereal's Fighting Style)
Best Motivation Ever!
  • Construct the bell who's perfect chime will cause mass exaltation throughout all of Creation.

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