Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Playtest in the West - Skipped a Week

We had a player out so we decided to skip game on Sunday. I always hate that, but sometimes it's better than finagling the story to account for absences.

This week I'm preparing another playtest adventure for the local Game Day. It will be a bunch of pre-generated Dragon-Blooded forming a Wyld Hunt to hunt down an Anathema. I'll use the dark fates from Mountain Witch and play the story out like a Mountain Witch game using Qwixalted characters and mechanics. It should be a total blast!

On the Qwixalted Development Front, the week has had a few news worthy moments.
  • Aprogressivist, a very helpful RPGnetter, has taken the initiative to start up a PbP game over the RPGnet wiki. As far as I know, he's still taking new players and you can find all the details here.
  • A little Googling turned up a Portuguese forum discussing what games should be taken to a local con, Qwixalted came up!
  • Chronicler, another awesome RPGnetter, not only donated to the effort by actually sending me a gift, but he also swiped qwixalted.blogspot.com for himself! The blog's brand new, but may be worth watching if you're a fan of the project.


  1. Heya Jarvis,

    Thanks for stopping by and baptizing my Qwixalted blog with its very first two comments. Woo hoo!

    You really should join us in aprogressivist's PbP game. Let's take over the Scavenger Lands and then make war on the Realm. Muhaha! :)

  2. There's a few reasons why I'm staying out of the PbP game you guys are throwing together. I'm busy enough that I'd rather use my free time to finish this damn thing and I'm really curious to see what you guys end up doing without me.

    I want to see where a game goes with no input from me. I want to see what you guys find fun or troublesome without me there to steer one way or the other. I also want to see what house rules pop up when I'm not there to put the semi-official foot down about something.

    You guys have fun, and hopefully it'll be someplace where I can watch the coolness develop!


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