Monday, December 6, 2010

Playtest in the West - Dark Fates from Mountain Witch

For a long time I'd been pondering a con scenario for Exalted based on the incredible, can't say enough good things about, Mountain Witch rpg.

In Mountain Witch, six disgraced ronin team up to climb Mount Fuji and slay the Mountain Witch. Yet each of them volunteered for a dark reason, the revelation of which would turn their companions against them. Bringing those dark fates to an Exalted scenario involving six dynasts on a Wyld Hunt was too enticing a proposition to pass up. It worked great!

The actual mechanics themselves continue to work wonderfully with very few hiccups. A minor issue came up when a player asked about creating a poison for his arrows, but it was satisfactorily house ruled in a flash.

It did make me wonder about crafting rules and poison though. So now I'll think about on how/if they should be included.

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