Friday, December 25, 2009

Geek gifts YOU should have!

The holiday fairy was kind this year, I got some truly awesome Geek Gifts. I'll tell you why they're cool and show you where to find them.

Why It Rocks: A badass little boardgame/rpg hybrid about the zompocalypse. Each player narrates a little scene until a conflict between characters comes up. Then dice are rolled, losing character moves down the board (toward the zombies) and winning character moves up (toward Escape). A tie moves the zombies closer to the characters. Lean, mean, and looks like a load of fun!

How Much: $20. There's not much in the way of pieces, but it's pretty enough. Parts + Concept is definitely worth 20 bucks.

Why It Rocks: Someone thought the award-winning FATE rules for Spirit of the Century were far more tedious than necessary. Someone felt a 'pulp' game needed to be faster and sleeker. Someone took the love and the time necessary to retool FATE into a game that truly rocked. This... is everything I wanted Spirit of the Century to be. This... is the essence of FATE.

How Much: $20. Very, very worth it. Spirit of the Century is a great game and well worth $30. Awesome Adventures is a much better game (my opinion) and definitely worth $20.

Why It Rocks: A nice, clear mini-tackle box sort of thing containing...
35 d20s - more than enough for D&D!
30 d10s - more than enough for World of Darkness or even Exalted!
10 each of d12s, d8s, d6s, and d4s - 10 each is the number I'd have picked myself, more than enough!

How Much: $12, that's the best part! As a gamer, of course I've got enough dice. But now for $12 I've got a spare box I can pull out if someone forgets theirs or if I'm running for newbies that don't have their own sets yet. This thing would sell in a game store for like $40, but for $12 a starting gamer could get all the dice they'll ever need! Well, mostly. But you know what I mean! :-P

Alright, I've shown you mine. What did you get this year that I'm totally going to be jealous about? Send us a link and tell us why it rocks!

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  1. Zombie Cinema is definitely a MUST HAVE. What a fun game...


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