Friday, July 30, 2010

WoD: Mirrors

Finished WoD: Mirrors today. Holy shit.

Fate and Savage Worlds are great go-to-games for homebrew attempts to make your own game using their generic systems. They've always lacked something for me though. (Maybe it's dice pools?) With Mirrors and the WoD Rulebook, I can literally trick out the Storyteller system for anything I want to play! Hell, even Fate's beloved Aspects get applied (and remixed) as "Player-Described Merits".

Good, good stuff!

A few of the things I'm really thinking of dropping into my Werewolf game:
  • Sway (Social Combat Rules)
  • Anticipation
  • Setup
  • Rapport (much like Trust from the very cool Mountain Witch rpg)
  • The Cup (of mysterious goodies)

A few things I will be dropping into the game:
  • Player Described Merits
  • Mob Rules (lumping 30 zombies together as a single character)
  • Decompression/Compression (more something to consider while I GM than a rule to implement)

Grab the pdf for super cheap on DrivethruRPG!

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