Saturday, October 23, 2010


After weeks of searching for a viable system for the liquid cool of the Exalted setting, a thread on RPGnet ultimately led me back to the 1st Edition Exalted Quickstart.

I couldn't get it out of my brain, so I may as well share it with the world. :-P Here's where I'm at so far...

Edit: I'm sticking all relevant info, sheets, and rules into a Qwixalted GoogleDocs folder as I complete it. Check there for updates and downloadables!


  1. How many Essence are spent before your Anima Banner involuntarily flares?

    What would be translation for the Breeding Merit for Dragon-Bloods in this System.
    - Since Breeding (1) alone grants a good source of extra motes.


  2. Breeding is one of the Backgrounds on the Dragon-Blooded sheet. Each dot raises Essence rating and, therefore, available Essence.

    Spending just 1E in a scene takes the anima to the first step on the ‘flare’ ladder (under Anima Power). Each additional E spent in the scene raises it another step. The advantage of the Night caste becomes clear and you have to keep in mind that 1E in this game is a pretty big deal. With 1E, an average Solar can attack 3 opponents, completely negate Long Range, etc.

    I did NOT want to manage separate pools for personal and peripheral and flaring that Anima is part of what makes Exalted combat so different!

  3. So to verify, there is no longer a PERFECT action.
    Only a charm to pierce/allow soak.

    As for [Paced], what would/should be allowed as a Story-length duration Charm ability.

    Would Socialize (Overwhelming, Paced, Supernatural) – allow a character to have double his dice pools for Socialize for an entire Story?
    As well as use Socialize for animals and/or non-humans. (Supernatural)

    If you attach [Paced] to Melee/Martial Arts, etc, and activate it out of combat, will you gain the benefits permanently?
    So, would Melee (Overwhelming, Supernatural, Paced) – allow a character to have permanent unsoakable attack for the duration of the story, if activated outside of Combat?

    How about Athletics (Supernatural, Paced) – so that you would have a permanently floating character.



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