Thursday, September 3, 2009

Character Creation


There are four traits in Dead Running.

Intelligence - Reasoning, problem solving, hacking, and other mental feats.
Strength - Running, lifting, punching, and all other physical challenges.
Charisma - Lying, persuading, conning, and other social tests.
Insight - Skimming, pursuing, diving, and all other psychic abilities.

Traits begin at a certain die type, but players receive a number of raises to increase them. Each raise increases the die rolled for that trait.


Psychics (everyone but the Null) begin with each trait at a d6. Psychics receive 4 raises that may be spent to increase their traits, limit 2 raises per trait.

Psychics also choose a talent, the way their Insight can be used:

Skimmers - Eaves Drop on multiple minds, bodyguards and security.
Pursuers - Trace a web of connected thoughts, interrogators and psychologists.
Divers - Plunge for a single buried thought, spies and assassins.
Scavengers - Devour dead minds to gain knowledge, detectives and mercs.


At least one player must play a Null. If there are no volunteers, this can be decided randomly. Null characters, lacking Insight, have only 3 traits that begin as follows:

Intelligence d4, Strength d8, Charisma d6

*The mind never fully recovers from brain death though the body becomes unusually resistant to pain. Higher level creativity and ingenuity is lost, but a dulled body can be pushed beyond its former limits.*

Nulls receive only 3 raises to increase their traits, limit 2 raises per trait.


At this time, I'm not planning to include any sort of bonus dice from equipment or the like. It'll be a pretty simple system though there will be an allowance for a 'trust point' style bonus as soon as I work it out.


  1. I don't know how I feel about the PvP aspect... I think it may detract from this game. The first time a player suspects another player, they'll dive right in and start digging through the opponent's mind, and it'll devolve into an instant brawl.

  2. Read the next post, PvP is off limits until the climax. No dice may be rolled against another character until the end. That includes mind reading.


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