Saturday, September 5, 2009

Naming Conventions

I needed something short and punchy. I needed something that alluded to either psychics, zombies, or couriers. I need something that sparked the imagination, but didn't give away the game. I needed a title that would help my game, but not hinder it.

Star Wars RPG - The title's good and short. It describes the game exactly, but leaves nothing to the imagination. Therefore, a hardcore trekkie may never pick up the game by sticking to the mantra "Star Wars sucks". The game could be a fantastic system for any science fiction story, but the trekkie will never find out.

Dogs in the Vineyard - Short. Describes the game exactly, but only through metaphor leaving much to the imagination. No one will say, "Vineyards suck so I'm not playing it." The game benefits from a grabby and symbolic title without being hindered by it.

I also wanted a subtitle for my game. My sister suggested a "Title: Subtitle" format and I told her that format was already inextricably tied to White Wolf. In giving my sister a quick example title and subtitle, I ended up inadvertently creating the best title e
ither of us could think of. We thought up several more, but we kept coming back to the 'example title' I had given her.

Without further ado...

I convey big business, zombies, couriers, assassins, and the daily grind all at the same time. I think that's the font I'll stick with for finished document and it should be a lot more legible after on a printed page. If not, I'll tweak it a bit of course.

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