Thursday, September 3, 2009

Secret Allegiances = Intrigue

intrigue (plural intrigues)

  1. A complicated or clandestine plot intended to effect some purpose by conspiracy; stratagem.

Mountain Witch uses dark Fates. I'll be using loyalty cards. After each character is made, the GM will deal them an loyalty card. This will determine whether the character is working to complete the mission or disrupt it.

Loyalty cards will reveal one of two results:

Complete the mission. Protect the Null. Root out any Traitors.

Sabotage the mission. Destroy the Null. Root out any Loyalists.

The bread and butter of The Company is espionage, be it political, corporate or something else entirely. Every player character has been assigned to carrier team as either the courier or its security entourage. Unfortunately, much of this 'security force' is secretly working against the mission objective. These traitors sabotage missions for their own idealism as often as they simply accepted an offer from a higher bidder.

Even the Null draws a loyalty card. Disloyal couriers may pass their 'secured' information to competitors, revolutionaries, or mundane information brokers. Until the time comes for their secret delivery, however, they are still forced to keep up appearances until they can root out the loyal members of the team.


Suspicion exists to encourage intrigue by rewarding a character's suspicious actions. Since Player vs. Player conflict can not happen until the climax (more on this later), players spend the early part of the game narrating suspicious behavior to cloud loyalties as much as possible. Ideally, there will be no way to predict a characters loyalty until the big finale.

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